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First day of school…V__V

September 9, 2009

*sigh*…….Today was the first day of school. I feel like crying. T__T
I really miss my old friends. and now, I am with a lot of people that I don’t really like in almost all my classes. V__V
I went to change courses at lunch today….and lined up for over an hour and the line didn’t even move a BIT! I ended up wasting my lunch lining up in a line that never even moved. =__=
A waste of time. And I thought I would be the first one there because I ran to the Council’s office right when lunch started. But, when I got there, there was already a huge line up. V.V
Gahhh~~ I hate this. I really do hate this.

BUT Minhwan always puts a smile on my face. >W<

Hwannie~ 6