Happy Belated belated Birthday Seunghyun Oppa!!!!!! <3

September 2, 2009

Supposedly Seunghyunnie’s 18th birthday was on August 21. >__>
but, his birthday party/fanmeeting was postponed to August 30.
Happy Belated Birthday Seunghyun Oppa!!!~

He’s 18 now!!~ >w.<)
I had had the feeling that, "Gosh….FT Island would never be the same anymore!!!", but I guess this feeling was gone after I watched the music video for, "Bad Women". I have to say….Seunghyun is so cute. xDD

For the mini album, Jump Up we got to hear Seunghyun’s voice. At first, I didn’t expected much because of Wonbin. but after I listened to, “What can I do?” and heard Seunghyun’s rapping, I started to like him a lot. ^___^

Now that the new album is out, Cross and Change, I can tell that Seunghyun have worked really hard. It must be really difficult for him to learn all the songs by FT Island before. >____w<
Even though he can't really "replace" Wonbin in many fans' heart, but he sure did found a new place in my heart. ^__^
Seunghyun Fightingg!! ❤

CREDITS: litmus + leonger @ hwanniefied+FTworldfriends[MA]@wordpress


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