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FT Island Litmus 2009 Fall.~~

September 2, 2009

Was looking around…as usual and found these awesome and hottie pictures of FT Island for their new Fall Litmus 2009 photoshoot. >w<
Man, the boys have matured a lot. ^__^
So hott!!~~~

CREDITS: litmus + leonger @ hwanniefied+FTworldfriends[MA]@wordpress


~Gah Minhwannie is all grown up. >w<

Teehee~ they are all so hot now. ^_____^


Happy Belated belated Birthday Seunghyun Oppa!!!!!! <3

September 2, 2009

Supposedly Seunghyunnie’s 18th birthday was on August 21. >__>
but, his birthday party/fanmeeting was postponed to August 30.
Happy Belated Birthday Seunghyun Oppa!!!~

He’s 18 now!!~ >w.<)
I had had the feeling that, "Gosh….FT Island would never be the same anymore!!!", but I guess this feeling was gone after I watched the music video for, "Bad Women". I have to say….Seunghyun is so cute. xDD

For the mini album, Jump Up we got to hear Seunghyun’s voice. At first, I didn’t expected much because of Wonbin. but after I listened to, “What can I do?” and heard Seunghyun’s rapping, I started to like him a lot. ^___^

Now that the new album is out, Cross and Change, I can tell that Seunghyun have worked really hard. It must be really difficult for him to learn all the songs by FT Island before. >____w<
Even though he can't really "replace" Wonbin in many fans' heart, but he sure did found a new place in my heart. ^__^
Seunghyun Fightingg!! ❤

CREDITS: litmus + leonger @ hwanniefied+FTworldfriends[MA]@wordpress


Cutie FT Island!! <33

September 2, 2009

Hee~ Haven’t wrote in two days. ….lazy me. But, school is starting very soon. T__T
I went to resister today. *sigh*….I’m not ready to go back again.

I came upon this new cutie video of FT Island.
They are so adorable!! This time the boys are promoting for people to use the subway to make the city much cleaner. ^__^
I agree. Even though I am not from Korea, I have to say that the subway is a really good invention and is way better than driving. and I guess it causes less pollution. Lesser pollution = a healthy and clean city. ^__^
What I find is that the subways in Korea are very similar to the ones in Hong Kong. xD
So everyone use the subway more often and help make the city clean!! x3
“Blue Skies, Clean City!!”

credits to:: CodeMonmonSeason3 for the video. =)

Aren’t they just adorable!!??
How is it possible for someone to be as cute as Minhwan!!!??? >W<
Minhwan, Jaejin and Seunghyun looks so happy. >W<
I'm starting to like Seunghyun a lot. Even though Wonbin would always me in my heart……<3

Cross and Change